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Cougar Dating App Review

The first review that I’m doing today is that of Cougar Dating. It has been launched on iOs Platform and last updated on the fifth of December this month. So as we can see, this app is very much on top of things when it comes to being updated when new profiles and the like are concerned. A sugar momma is a much sought after the oman for horny young guys and this website is just perfect for their purposes.


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1 month $33.99($39.99) saving 0%
3 month $69.99($119.97) saving 40%
6 month $109.99($239.94) saving 54%

What’s new?

The latest version of this Cougar dating app is the version 5.1.3 and it sports some very handy features to help you find your sugar mama. Some of these features include;

  • A “Repeat Message” problem which has since been tackled successfully.
  • There’s access to an avatar mode.
  • There’s a page where “spark connections occur, this page has been drastically improved so that connections take place more frequently.
  • When you want to take a closer look at our smoking sexy sugar mama, it helps if the picture can be enlarged, this has been done.
  • There is a message history function on this cougar app. The new version allows you to display it or not.
  • Online icons have been displayed in except where there are “block lists”.
  • A “learn more” button allows you to get to know the cougar better; the style of this button has been improved a lot.
  • Display rule locations have been improved a lot more.
  • The colour of each item on profiles, registers, and the settings pages have been themed with colours that match.
  • A page called “Moments” has since been modified according to changing tastes of people.
  • There exists a private album where you are now able to add, share, and request attractive older sex starved sugar mommas for a date. This feature has greatly increased the chances of a successful hook-up.

The best part about this cougar dating app is that it has an extremely intuitive interface which lets you swipe left and right to like or dislike a profile. You even get the chance to be a secret admirer by leaving an anonymous “like” on a sugar momma’s profile. Sugar momma dating is getting better with time, you can look for a young stud to warm your bed or conversely, look for a mature woman to show you the ropes in bed. The profiles on this app are quite exhaustive and you can form a pretty good idea about the person by going through their profile. What I liked best were the “top-secret” visits that I could make to a profile and make some suggestions, albeit naughty, to some of the best sugar mommas out there. Again, on the other hand, you have the option of knowing who visited your profile. Let me not confuse you. When I said that you could visit a profile secretly, I meant that you could do so without members other than the one you are viewing, knowing about it. I hope that clears up the confusion.

Age, sex, religion, and race are no bar here and all are welcome. Stay within the bounds of decency in the beginning and as you start warming up to your cougar, you’; fond things getting hotter, so take it easy. These women have been raroundthe block and they can spot a fake from miles away, so please do try to be yourself or it just won’t work.

By the huge number of positive user reviews, I read about these older women dating app. I knew there had to be something special about it. Some of the outstanding features that make it stand out are:

  • Cougar profile searches based on preferences and filters.
  • Get information on winks and email from interested older women who are dating younger men.
  • Goo through profiles anonymously, you are free to pass or like as you go along.
  • Start off a conversation with a hot sugar momma if things click.
  • Swipe right to like a profile, reject by swiping left, can’t get simpler than that, can it?

Things to note:

  • The payment will be charged to the iTunes account you hold when you confirm the purchase.
  • If on a three-month subscription cycle, your subscription will be auto-renewed as soon as 24 hours before the end of the subscription.
  • The auto renewal feature can be disabled via the app store.
  • You MUST be ABOVE 18 years of age to be a member of this site or to use this app.


Though your personal details like your name and address are hidden if you so choose, it does not prevent the system from locating the IP address from which the app was accessed, and this is used to fulfill demographic purposes.

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