Seeking Arrangement App Review

Seeking Arrangement App Review
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In the search of younger men, successful and wealthy women, cougars, seek out websites and apps that enable them to communicate. Now one of the premier ones is SeekingArrangement because of its longstanding reputation of over ten years in sugar momma dating, and as a milf dating app, it has far exceeded expectations. Trust me; I tried it out for a week. The app boasts of a user base of over five million active ones and four million babes of sugar and counting. That equals a ratio of about one man to every five women. So the chances of getting a hole-in-one on this exclusive app are very high.


Wealthy Member
$34.99 – 7 Day Unlimited Access
$59.99 – 15 Day Unlimited Access
$99.99 – 28 Day Unlimited Access

Attractive Member
$14.99 – 7 Day Unlimited Access
$24.99 – 15 Day Unlimited Access
$39.99 – 28 Day Unlimited Access

What’s new?

SeekingArrangement has been often reviewed or featured on famous shows like CNN, Playboy, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal along with lots more. It was not for nothing that the app was described as the most wonderful fishing hole around, by none other than the New York Times. Over 139 countries around the world use this sugar mama dating app for getting sugar mommas so you could very well go international if you wish.

The app is built very cleverly and the layout is nicely done for good navigation doesn’t through the various buttons. What you sense is a feeling of compressed information that is useful, and the picture on your profile occupies a larger amount of space than other apps of the same nature. So this gives you a better look at that delicious sugar mama to whom you’ve been sending messages to. You will have complete control over how you set up your profile, and it is suggested that high-resolution pictures be used. The want of a sugar momma for sexual pleasure or other reasons will be fully satisfied once you sign up via the app. The best part is that it boasts of a rich client base, so basically if you’re looking for a sugar mama who will spend on you; this is the app to register on.

There is a background verification check that makes it dependable and reliable for young men who are hunting sugar mommas. This completely justifies the relatively high subscription charges which we’ll come to later. Firstly, to get started, you complete your profile and it hardly takes a couple of minutes, but I would advise you to spend a bit of time over it, because first impressions do count. After you’ve joined, state your terms of the arrangement you want with a sugar momma and what you need from the relationship. Once you do so, you can expect rapid results with a member garnering a partner in about five days since joining.

After joining SeekingArrangement, you’ll see “Interests”,” Search” and “Messages” , which are the most used buttons and through them you’ll be able to feel your way up many a skirt. In an interesting development, this particular app does not suggest searches based on your preferences but allows a free search where you can browse through profiles to your heart’s content.

This app also allows a toy, as a sugar baby, to specify what amount of money you wish to be paid from your sugar mama on a monthly basis. Personally I think that’s a good thing to have included in this app, because these relationships are mostly of a sexual nature and money is involved to keep your sugar baby at your service. So it’s better to spell things out clearly in the beginning in order to avoid misunderstandings and confusion later on. After signing up, it will take around 48 hours for your photo to be approved. There’s also the option of sharing private photographs with other individual users. Signing up requires some basic information, including net income/worth, keeping in mind the fact that this is a rich person’s playground. Incredibly, you can also chalk out a monthly budget with high and low limits to make sure that your line is toed.

If you happen to do traditional searches like other cougar dating apps, that’s possible, with fields like age, ethnicity, religion, geographical location, education, income, and a whole lot else. If you are a paid member, you stand to benefit from sending and receiving messages which do not have your picture on them. This is perfect for anonymous flirting for those who like it that way. Also paid members to get to have their profiles featured in search results.


Privacy is given utmost importance and your personal information will not be shared with any third party unless asked by law enforcement for legal purpose.


There are options for specifying budgets. The privacy setup is quite strong and the policy of privacy protection is good as well. The sign up takes 5 minutes at the most, and lastly it has a very smart and fresh, clean design.


Here I could not find that many as this site is one of the best around if not the best. The only two grouses I had were the monthly subscription fees which I felt were a tad too high, and the 48 hour window where the app verifies your picture. But, considering all the advantages of this app, it’s well worth investing in it to pick up some hot sugar mommas.



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