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The Sudy App is the latest kid on the horizon for would be sugar daddies who are keen on hooking up with luscious and young, beddable women who they call sugar babies. Version 2.9.2 of the Sudy app has ironed out all the minor bugs in the previous edition and made it even more user friendly and intuitive, so that even someone not that familiar with the intricacies of a smartphone or a tab might get the best services from Sudy. The Sudy app is an iOs App and can be downloaded easily from the iTunes Store. If you’re a rich guy with money to burn, then Sudy is just the right place for you. I say this after looking at the profile of sugar babies, the majority of whom want their men with fat bank accounts. But they’ll “accommodate” you with pleasure, so it is a win- win situation at either end.


Subscriptions options on VIP membership service for sugar daddies:

1). 1 month VIP membership service for the price of $59.99.
2). 3 months VIP membership service for the price of $119.99.
3). 6 months VIP membership service for the price of $179.99.

Subscriptions options on VIP membership service for sugar babies:

1). 1 month VIP membership service for the price of $9.99.
2). 3 months VIP membership service for the price of $23.99.
3). 6 months VIP membership service for the price of $35.99.

Interface and Functionality

When you download the app from iTunes, you’re taken to the Sudy page where you’ll notice a couple of tabs at the top of the screen. The left one is “moments”, where you receive a feed of recent posts by other members. The second tab is called “nearby” and this is the tab that matters. You’ll get to see a list of ladies who are near you, based on your GPS location. I’m sure you must have hit the “like” button many a time on Facebook. Here, it’s the “sugar” button that you can send sugar with, or even exchange messages. For the women, receiving more sugar makes them go higher in the rankings and thereby more desirable. Filters are in place to make sure that you get your preferences like sex, age, weight, height, hair colour, body build and weight, among other things, correct. This helps filter down the search to the best possible matches because all the searches are performed by complex algorithms that use these filters to form arguments.

The next best thing about Sudy is the “Tapit” screen. It is very similar to the way Tinder operates where you have to swipe left to pass up on someone and swipe right to “like” him/her. The members of Sudy comprise primarily of rich and successful men like politicians, businessmen, CEO’s, Doctors, investors, Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs and a lot of college girls as well. The reason these girls like to give time to these men is because of the expensive gifts and allowances they receive on behalf of their undivided attention. Yes, it almost always leads to sex and it would be naïve to assume that it would be anything otherwise.

A lot of wealthy men who are single from countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe form the majority of the male clientele. Sudy allows you to post news feeds about yourself, much like tweets, so it’s a social network too. A sugar daddy has to either be voted in by existing members or pay any one of the three subscription offers they have at hand. The first is 1 month VIP subscription, allowing membership for $59.99. Secondly, you could opt for a VIP membership of 3 months that costs $39.99 for the six month subscription, which, to my opinion is a bit costlier than the six month membership that comes for @29.99 monthly.

For a sugar baby, 1 month for $9.99, if she opts for three months, then its $7.99/month, while a six month plan costs $4.99/month. So as you can see, the odds are firmly staked in favour of the chick, at least in terms of the subscription rates.

There are also options to chat with emojis and messages once you hook up with your sugar momma. Any milf dating app will have women who like It dirty and rough. If privacy is a concern, then you need to read the terms and conditions of the privacy policy that Sudy abides by. It reserves the right to use your content for promotional purposes unless you have objections, where all you need to do is to let their legal department know about it, and they’ll avert it. No damage done and your reputation remains intact.

All in all, I found Sudy to be an excellent app that is very intuitive and easy to use without any lag. For the hordes of beautiful college going girls and women who want to live the high life while pursuing their dreams, Sudy is a viable option, because it offers freedom as well as intimacy. Webcam sessions can heat up things for you with your partner and you can also end up acting out fantasies you hoarded n your mind till now. Loosen up and join the millions of men taking to sugar baby dating and get things swinging again.

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