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I agree that I went through plethora of dating apps in order to find the best app for sugar daddy dating. I was almost losing my hopes when I came across Sudy. This is an app where all the rich sugar daddies meet cute and deserving sugar babies. The app is easily available on ios through iTunes. Like every other dating app, this app also claimed to volunteer some of the best dating profiles which are reliable and appeals one and all. I decided to give it a try before discarding it like all the other dating apps I tried in the past. What I found is that my time is really not wasted and I have found an app that is worth investing time and money in.


For sugar daddies:-

  • 59.99$ per month for VIP membership of 1 month.
  • 39.99$ per month for VIP membership of 3 months.
  • 29.99$ per month for VIP membership of 6 months.

For sugar babies:-

  • 9.99$ per month for membership of 1 month.
  • 7.99$ per month for membership of 3 months.
  • 4.99$ per month for membership of 6 months.

Sudy is safe!

When you have made an account on Sudy, you will not need to worry about all the salt daddies roaming freely on the virtual platform of online dating. Apart from that Sudy also protects you from all the scamsters and fraud people who are out to take undue advantage of young and vulnerable sugar babies. A fake profile is something that you will not come across on Sudy. You must be thinking why I am so sure about the safety of Sudy. I can be so sure because of the policies and features of the app.

No Tom, Dick and Harry can join Sudy by filling up a registration form. They have to follow an entire procedure and after all the verification you become a member of the app. Initially, you will need to get the vote of the people already present on the app. If they vote you to be genuine only then you can become a member of the app. Apart from that financial and personal details given by you also need to be verified. This eliminates all those pranksters who give wrong details about their income, pose to be rich, and take advantage of the sugar babies.

If you are already a member of Sudy then you have complete rights to select who all can be the new members on the dating app. This means you have the reigns of quality control of the app in your hands and you do not have to depend on the developers for the quality control of the app designed by them.

Features of Sudy!

Sudy has many unique features which make it favourite dating app for many.

  • If you are on Sudy you will not face any difficulty in finding the best sugar daddy or sugar baby for yourself. Most of the sugar daddies registered on the app are established businessmen and millionaires in search of cute, intelligent, and humorous sugar babies.
  • Tinder being the user interface of the app, makes navigation and use of the app very easy. All you have to is swipe in the right if you like the person and swipe at the left in case you want to pass anonymously. The match is automatically fixed if two people swipe each other. Sugaring cannot get more easy and convenient than this.
  • Presence of sugar coins in your profile is a good way of showing your generosity with money. You can purchase the coin from a store in the app and send it to prospective sugar baby as a gift. In this way you will not only prove that you are no cheap fraud salt daddy but you will also be able to show you are gentlemen.
  • Apart from that right to vote and choose the member of the app can help a lot in controlling the quality of the profiles present on the app.

Active members at Sudy!

Most of the sugar daddies registered at Sudy are established lawyers, doctors, businessmen, CEO and engineers. They are in the age range of 40 to 60 years. Many graduate and undergraduate sugar babies ranging in the age group of 18 to 30 years are registered on the app. Sudy has maintained its quality by selecting some of the most educated and established people of the town.


Sudy respects your privacy and it will not display your name and contact details if you choose so. Though it is not equipped or liable to hide the IP address you are chatting from.

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