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After looking at the plethora of old and new sugar daddy dating sites, I came across this amazing app called Sugar Daddy Meet. After navigating through the app, looking at the quality of profiles present on the app, and reading the reviews of the people, I realized that it has sustained the competition and stayed in the game for the last ten years mainly because of the high-quality profiles and services offered by it. It is a reliable app where all the rich, matured, and established sugar daddies can find beautiful sugar babies and have a relationship of mutual benefits. It has an excellent proportion of 60 and 40 for sugar daddies and sugar babies respectively.


Standard members will not need to pay anything for subscribing to the app. In order to enjoy some of the advanced features and services, you will not only need to take the gold membership but also pay the subscription cost.

  • 49.99$ for 1 month subscription.
  • 89.99$ for 3 months subscription.
  • 159.99$ for 6 months subscription.

Features of Sugar Daddy Meet!

  • You will not need to pay anything in order to become a member of this app. Registration for the app and creating a profile on the app are for free. Apart from that, you will also not need to pay anything for adding your personal pictures on the app or browsing other people’s profiles. Though you will be charged if you want to contact or communicate with a particular person. Premium members of the app also get the benefit of maintaining a personal album in their profile.
  • Communication with other members of the group is very easy and convenient if you are contacting them through the app. You will get all the services like sending an email to the prospective sugar daddy or the sugar baby, sending them a wink, or dropping a message via instant messenger. When you send the wink to a particular person, it automatically conveys to the person that you are interested in him or her. It is a wonderful virtual platform helping you to break the ice between the sugar daddy and the sugar baby.
  • Now knowing about all the people who are interested in you or following you or viewing your profile is a cakewalk. You can easily see who all viewed your profile with a couple of clicks. This feature is beneficial for both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby. When you see a particular sugar daddy viewing your profile or showing interest in you and even you like the person then you can initiate the conversation by sending a wink or dropping a message via messenger.  Chances of finding the right match increase by many folds.
  • Excellent search filter of the app makes it very easy for the person to find the right sugar daddy or the sugar baby. You can narrow your search by using several filters and land on the exact profile you want. You can filter your search on the basis of age, wealth slab, education in case you are looking for a sugar baby, business or profession of sugar daddy, etc. A well-equipped search engine can be very helpful in finding the right match for you. Gold members of Sugar Daddy Meet get added benefits of the advanced search engine from the app.
  • In order to get some extra attention and interest in your profile, you can even get your profile certified by the application developers. You will then become a certified sugar daddy and certification will be based on your age, income, address, and photo verification. In a way, you are being verified and endorsed by the app. Your chances of being picked as sugar daddy are higher as the prospective sugar baby will know that you are not a bot or salt daddy and she will be safe with you. Getting a certificate increases your chances of getting the most beautiful and smart sugar baby available on the app.
  • If you are new to this concept then the app will not leave you alone wondering what to do. You will get to read more than 1100 dating tips and advice for how to contact, start communication, and fix a date, and so on.

Active members!

Some of the most renowned businessmen, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, and CEOs are registered on the app as sugar daddies. Apart from that most of the sugar babies on the app are also well educated, smart, and good-looking. Many of them are students doing their bachelor’s or master’s while some are models, artists, etc.


Your privacy is well-taken care of on this site. Since it is a rich man dating site, it has been taken care that no undue information is revealed to any stranger. It is a safe and reliable site for dating.


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