Tinder App Review

tinder app review
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Tinder, which launched in 2013, is needs no introduction to young males in search of cougars and sugar mommas. The app has taken the dating and social world by storm as it enables an easy interface with easy options to connect to interesting sugar mamas. When it arrived on the circuit, it was a no frills attached app aimed primarily at getting people together for, sex. Their last update enables you to reveal your gender, which adds credibility to the cougar dating app. Tinder, with a base subscriber count of over 25 million ,till date has been successful in getting 9 million matches, no mean feat, considering that it is in a highly competitive digital market. The paid membership pool is about 1 million Tinder Plus members and growing rapidly by leaps and bounds.

What’s new?

To use Tinder, GPS has to be enabled so the app can search you by your location. Your Facebook profile is used to create the Tinder profile and in case you’re worrying about Tinder posting your info on Facebook that is guaranteed not to happen. To create a profile on Tinder, enter your age, name, any good and attractive photographs of yourself, and also occupation and education. Spotify can be used to dish out favourite musical tracks with interested sugar mommas. Your searches can be narrowed down to distance and the age also.

Age, sex, religion and race are no bar here and all are welcome. Stay within the bounds of decency in the beginning and as you start warming up to your cougar, you’; fond things getting hotter, so take it easy. These women have been round the block and they can spot a fake from miles away, so please do try to be yourself or it just won’t work.

The best feature about Tinder is its surfing of profiles. You need just swipe left and right to go through matching profiles. If you swipe left, you pass on, and if right then you have “liked” that particular profile. If the respondent likes your profile, you can take it further from there.

Tinder has an intriguing feature called Tinder Trends, where you can see the trend in selection of sugar mamas on this cougar dating app. This helps you to chase after the right cougars.

There’s also Tinder Boost, which is called upon when your luck is running dry. If an upgraded member of Tinder Plus, then you’ll get to receive a Boost per week. This comes in handy by pushing your profile to the higher reaches of the pecking order. For a period of the ensuing 30 minutes, you are at the top of the local list of eligible, hot young males, resulting in a tenfold increase in profile views and thereby highly increasing chances of a connect. If that still doesn’t work, you can always buy extra boosts.

Tinder’s new algorithm shuffles and alternates your photos when a sugar momma is viewing your profile, so post good pictures. This is because the app keeps track of the most popular photos of you and basically rearranges them from the best photo downwards. That’s a very clever innovation as it clears the clutter.

Smart Photos is another feature of Tinder, an update which has resulted in a 12% rise in profile matches. Basically, it keeps a track of what kind of photos you prefer, and it works conversely for hot older sugar mommas. This cougar dating app has a swiping pattern for every user that it uses to enable it to know what features and other things people find interesting. Again, it’s a big time saver for these hurried times. Studies show that forced presentation of the self in pictures is not preferred. What is required in order to land sugar mamas is to look your relaxed and natural self in photos.

Instagram has also been incorporated into Tinder so you are able to see your potential date’s recent snaps, as many as 34. This helps you in giving a fair idea about what their interests lie in and if time spent together will be worth it. Tinder also tends to show you matches that you are likely to swipe right to, thanks to its great new algorithm.

On this hot milf dating app, after you connect to a sugar mama, happening through mutual “likes”, you can start off a text conversation with your sugar momma. If you happen to “match” at different times, then also you get a notification that a cougar’s interested. It’s possible to send GIF images to your lover, an you can appreciate a flattering message by tapping on a green heart beside the message. Messages and threads are also kept archived and any new notification is also displayed by a badge.

Tinder Plus, the premium class in this app, will cost you $19.99 a month. For casual hook-ups, flings and one night stands, Tinder is the perfect application, and its location based search features can help you pick up a hungry sugar momma on your way back home. As far as the lifestyle category on Google Play is concerned, Tinder sits there on the throne, waiting for the other dating apps to match it in terms of service, access, privacy and just about everything else.

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